In our construction system, the woodcutting is made according to the architectural design, so there is no need for modulation, generating greater freedom and functionality to the ambiances.

Massive Walls: Single, with boards of 3cm x 14.2cm, nailed in structural amounts of 3cm x 12cm, with a height of 2,57m.
Double Walls: Ideal system for locations with very cold weather, with external boards of 3 cm x 14.2 cm, nailed in structural amounts of 7 cm x 7 cm and 3 cm x 7 cm. The inside walls are paneled 2 cm x 14.2 cm, and the height is 2.60m.


The house is delivered completely ready, with the supply of all materials necessary for the execution of the foundation to the finishes. The parts considered wet, such as bathrooms, kitchen and service area are built in masonry. Their coats (metals, tableware, floors and ceramic tiles) are provided by the owner, due to their personal nature.

All the labor is performed by professionals of Arquitetura da Madeira with administration of our architecture and engineering team. Fireplace, barbecue pits, stone flooring, exposed brick and hot tub are optional items, their budgets should be presented separately. In the foundations item, the values shown are for standard foundations, and they may be changed according to the land on which the project will be built.


For standard buildings with up to 100 m², the delivery time is 90 working days. For works above this custom footage and designs, the period varies between 120 and 180 working days. The delivery time count is started after the approval of the project at the City Hall.


Directly with the company, according to the schedule of works and/or up to 12 payments. By funding from CEF, CONSTRUCARD or CREDIT CARD. We accept car as payment.


Ideal for those who want to get involved with the work, making it more economical. All woods to be used in the construction are provided. They can come with or without frames. Their assembly is borne by the customer and/or professional hired. We can offer skilled labor when required.





The projects necessary for the completion of the work will be developed according to the standards of the ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards), such as: Executive Projects, Structural/Foundation, Electrical/Telephone, Hydraulic/Sanitary and Assembly.


The owner will provide points of light and water to the work. The earthwork services and any other services that relate to the land where the work will be performed are not included; they must be leased, clean and level, at least in the area where the shell work will be built.


The walls are masonry with 15 cm thick in areas considered wet such as bathrooms, kitchen and service area. These areas will be covered in ceramic tiles (customer supplied) as specified in the project. The finish on the other faces of the masonry walls is calfinated straightened plaster (painting not included).


The work will be built on top quality hardwood, double or single walls, boards of 3 cm x 14.2 cm, nailed in montanes of 3 cm x 12 cm, ceiling as specified in the design, Grapia wood. All the wood used in the work has a 10 year warranty against natural order issues such as weevils, termites and rotting.


The walls and window frames receive externally linseed oil application as a natural preservative. Sealer finishing internally.


The coverage is structured in hardwood in various gauges, according to their use. The tiles are ceramic, and the gables and spikes are mortar. All tracks are also included, in symmetry with the roofs.


The work has liner executed in Angelim Pedra and/or Muiracatiara and/or Sprue hardwood, 1 cm x 10 cm, fixed on timber, as indicated in the project base. Finished with rodaform.


The floor is hardwood Grapia 2 cm x 10 cm, nailed in granzepe bolted to the subfloor, with the exception of the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, garage and balconies, which have ceramic floors (customer supplied), as specified in the project. The floor receives sanding and application of sealer and wax.


Only the indoor installation is performed in the work, in line with the specific design and materials according to the ABNT standard. In masonry walls, it will be inserted in flexible conduit, and in the woods in electrical rules. Computer and telephone points are set by the responsible person, and sockets, switches and light points shall be in accordance with the ABNT standard. The electrical/phone installation inside the work will end in the inspection box next to it, according to the specific project.


The indoor installation shall be performed according to specific projects. The sewage and distribution networks are in Tigre PVC pipe, according to the ABNT standard. The water tank is PVC-made, with capacity for 500 liters, set in the specific project. The internal hydraulic system of the work is made of Tiger PVC pipes for cold water, delivered in inspection box next to the work, according to the specific project. The sewage system will be delivered in the first inspection box next to the work, and the kitchen sink sewage ends in the grease trap, all according to the specific project.


These materials are provided by the owner, and the installation responsibility is by Arquitetura da Madeira.


The window frames are Itauba and/or Cedro Arana timber, with ironwork, Arquitetura da Madeira standard, in sizes specified according to the project.


The frames glasses are flat and 3 mm thick. In the bathrooms, the glasses are fancy type.